1. Can you change the times of shifts?

No – shift times are set

2. Can I change my shifts?

No, not once they have been allocated

3. Transport

See Travel on your account.

4. Can I arrive earlier than Thursday?

Yes, from the Monday* onwards but if you wish to arrive on Tuesday make sure you get here in the MORNING later arrivals won't get onto site till 8am Wednesday. Also, remember you only get free meals on your work days. If you want to leave site anytime then please check when car parks are open or closed.

(*or Sunday for ‘Before’ workers).

5. I hear there’s a party on Thursday night?

Yes, from about 7.30pm on Thursday in Tom's Field Marquee. Bar, live music and presentations! 

6. What are the postcodes for Gates A & B?

Gate A (Red) = BA4 4EE, Gate B (Blue) = BA4 6TA

7. Where do I camp?

Tom’s Field which is the primary designated campsite for the Recycling Team, but we do have others for our increased numbers this year. We do not recommend you camp in public areas unless you’re working post-festival, as meals are provided in TF marquee and you meet your teamleader there each morning prior to your shifts starting. The only exception is for families who can camp in Cockmill Meadow Family Campsite near TF.

Please do NOT bring a large tent or a gazebo as space is very limited.

8. Are vegetarian / vegan meals available?

Yes. You will be given 2 or 3 meal tokens (depending on shifts) for each of your working days and they are served in Tom’s Field marquee.  From 2024 meat will also be available in the Tom's Field marquee.

9. When will I be refunded?

During the month of July.  If you haven’t received yours by the end of August please contact Fiona. In case there is a query over your refund, please make sure you get signed off by your team leader at the end of each shift and that you let the staff in Tom’s Field Recycling Office know of any changes to the shifts you’ve done.

IMPORTANT - if you have to leave the site for any reason, please ensure you tell the staff in Tom's Field office and make sure they record it. If the office isn't open then ask a friend to do it for you later. If you don't notify us then there may be a problem getting your refund.

10. Can I bring my bicycle?

Yes, but not onto site. See "Travel" on your account.

11. If I come by motorbike do I need a car pass?

No, but you must use Gate A – See "Travel" on your account.

12. I’m working on the after festival shifts - where do I park my car?

You should move your car after 5pm on the Monday after the festival. You will need a special pass for this so please ask at the Tom’s Field office. THIS ONLY APPLIES IF YOU ARE WORKING AFTER THE FESTIVAL.

13. Can I leave my tent?

No!!! Please take your tent and everything else home with you. As Recyclers you must show a good example and leave your camp area clean.

14. Can I bring my dog?

No - no animals are allowed on site.

16. When are the Pedestrian gates open?

Open 24hrs a day from 8am Sunday 23rd apart from on Tuesday night - Wednesday 8am. However please check the opening times of the Recycling Cabin where you collect your pass. This is all subject to change so check this list nearer the festival.  Do not arrive Tuesday evening as that’s when the public are held overnight in car parks and crew access to site is more difficult.

17. When will I get my worker's pass?

We don’t post out worker's passes, but you will be sent a letter in early June which allows you access to your designated gate where you collect your pass. DON’T LOSE IT!

N.B. Gate A is Pedestrian Gate A signposted PGA and Gate B is Pedestrian Gate B signposted PGB 

18. Is there a map of the site?

The map can be found on the Glastonbury Festival website

19. Will I get a t-shirt?

Yes, when you register at the Recycling Office in Tom's Field you will be given a Recycler’s t-shirt. You should have entered the size you require on your application.

20. Will I get a programme?

Yes, when you register, providing there are enough.

21. What will happen if I don't do any/all my shifts?

If you intentionally fail to turn up for work or complete your shifts your name will be put on a list and you won’t be allowed back to work at the Festival (see Terms of Employment). Nor will you be refunded. If you fall ill or have to leave site for an emergency then you must tell your supervisor and the staff in Tom’s Field office. If you don’t then you may lose your refund.

22. Festival buses stopping & after festival shifts

See Travel Information.

23. What should I bring?

Go to your login page and see Packing List and definitely don’t forget your Confirmation Letter!

24. Which gate do I use?

You should have selected your arrival gate on your web account - see ‘Choose a Gate’.  You MUST notify Fiona BEFORE the festival if you wish to change your gate.  It is essential you arrive at the gate you chose.   If you arrive at the wrong gate you may not get in for a very long time.

25. Would wet weather affect getting here?

Yes, it could do. Be prepared for queues and delay getting to site.

26. Can I bring my children?

Children can camp with parents in Crew Camping or Cockmill Meadow Family Camping but parents must be responsible at all times.

  • 12 years or under are free but will need to provide proof of age (eg birth certificate).
  • 13+ need an ordinary ticket (see GFL website on how to apply).
  • All children will need a photo for the register so they can be given a Tom’s Field security wristband. Please email it to Fiona together with details  of child ie name, age, relationship to you, date and gate of arrival.
  • Children cannot accompany parents when working so provision must be made for their care Children must not be left unattended whilst parents work.
  • Meals are provided to Recyclers when they work but not to their children though they can be purchased in Tom’s Field marquee

If you arrive whilst construction or dismantling is underway onsite, please ensure your children are supervised at all times for safety reasons

27. Can I bring a litter picker?

Litter picks are only to be used as a mobility aid by those with significant mobility issues.

Please note that there is a site wide vehicle curfew in operation on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the show from 10pm to 3am.

Please try to reduce your vehicle passes this year by encouraging friends to use public transport or car share. Useful websites to look at are nationalexpress.com, thetrainline.com, liftshare.com and pastyconnection.com